It’s barely been a month since I restarted my blog, and there’s already a big change happening! 😛

Hi there and I just wanted to make a quick and exciting announcement regarding my blogging endeavors and a sort of update on what’ll happen on this blog from here on out.

I want to keep this short because I KNOW I will get into the sentimental backstories and explanations if I don’t stop myself but as of today (March 9th), I am a frequent writer/blogger on another blog in this anime community called #moe404, which most of you follow and already know the wonderful and insanely talented person who runs it, nesha.

This decision to write for another blog just came from my usual “why not, i’ll do it” mentality I have the majority of the time and a tiny bit of recruiting and persuading from nesha 😛 But really, I just thought it would be fun to try new things and especially improve on my reviewing skills, and this opportunity from nesha and #moe404 was the perfect one to do so. Also, I believe how the blog is so visually pleasing and amazingly organized to me was honestly one of the factors that made me want to come and write for them.

And so far, I’ve already had a ton of fun writing my first review on there and discovered things that just blew my mind such as having an editor (nesha, thank youuuu) clean up your posts. It’s weird yet amazing to me

FireShot Capture 93 - #moe404, the anime BLOG — I weirdo manner to _ - https___moe404.wordpress.com_

Now, what does this mean for my personal blog, Slice of Alfredo? Nothing drastic will change, I’ll still be posting random shit here like Seiyuu Spotlights (i apologize, I really should’ve posted one by now) and random write-ups, just maybe not as frequent. I do have some post ideas that I want to do on SoA, so look forward to those soon.

Other than that, you can read my first review for #moe404 which I discussed and gave my opinions on the one-and-only romance anime, Tsuki ga Kirei, by clicking here!


Thanks for reading, a regular post will be up in the coming days and I really do hope you enjoy my reviews over there on #moe404 from here on out! 😀


(all visuals and images were created by nesha)

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A 22-year-old guy who likes to discuss anime, watch baseball and is currently stuck in idol hell.

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