Hi and welcome to “Discussing Romance” with a guy who has never experienced an ounce of romance in his entire life! But don’t worry, with my only knowledge about this topic being from watching romance comedies and dramas, I think I know what I’m talking about. 🙂

All jokes aside, I just wanted to do this quick discussion post about something I’ve been thinking about for the past few days. So join me and hopefully I can spark some of your interest.

If you don’t know what an “indirect kiss” is, basically it’s when someone puts their lips onto something (i.e. a beverage/drink) and someone else puts their own lips on the same spot of the object, making it feel like those two just supposedly shared a kiss.


It’s pretty much something young teenagers take seriously, as that is a time where they’re (or I guess I should say “we” since I’m also a teenager) growing up and romance is being introduced into their lives, unlike the days of being a child and mostly avoiding to hang out with the people of your opposite gender since they have a deadly and contagious virus called “cooties”… at least that’s how I saw early elementary school as.

But recently after watching the recent episode of a show in the current anime season and also a random and related occurrence in my life, it got me thinking: are we just exaggerating about indirect kisses?


Unless you’re some an extreme germophobe and don’t share your food or drinks with your friends or even family, there had to be a time where you let a friend take a sip of your drink because you’re so used to their presence, possibly are that close and don’t really give a damn if you do so. I don’t know if that’s actually something a lot of people do with their pals but my friend (whom I’ve known for over a decade now) and I really don’t mind us sharing things like lunch. But when it comes to people you barely know or friends who you don’t have a lot of, for a lack of a better word, “trust” in, I can see why sharing a drink with them can make people hesitant and worrisome, both in a grossed-out way and romantic way.

It’s exactly what I saw in the last episode of the Doga Kobo romance comedy Tada-kun wa Koi wo Shinai/Tada Never Falls in Love, which happens to be my favorite show this season. Well isn’t that convenient.

Let me break it down for you: Teresa (the other main character apart from Tada) brings in these “hot chocolate spoons” into the cafe of Tada’s family, which is a unique and preferred way of drinking coffee from where she’s from, Luxembourg. Basically, you put the spoon in the piping hot coffee or milk and the chocolate dissolves, which I assume makes a delicious cup of chocolate flavored coffee. However Tada doesn’t really like sweet things so when Teresa offers him some, he only wanted to have a small taste. But, after Teresa sees Tada drink out of her cup, her mind turns blank and becomes a little hesitant on continuing to use her cup, implying that if she does, would that be considered as an indirect kiss.

First off, let me say that this show probably has the best cast of seiyuu from all the Spring shows I’ve seen so far…

FireShot Capture 97 - Tada-kun wa Koi wo Shinai (Tada Never _ - https___myanimelist.net_anime_3647.png

…secondly, it reflects what I said earlier about how teenagers can take this “indirect kiss” thing pretty damn seriously.

This scene actually reminded me of something that happened to me a couple of weeks ago. I was drinking a can of coffee until my female friend, who I consider not close but I’ve known for a while and really enjoy her presence (and also have a sliiight crush on), wanted to take a sip. I won’t lie, the same idea was going through my mind for a split-second, developing the thoughts of “i’ve never shared any drinks or food with this particular friend/possible crush so this is something… new” and it even started to make me slightly think about things in a romantic way.


However after said split-second, my mind didn’t turn into jumbles like you would expect and I didn’t really give a crap about all that anymore. I just waved it off, believing that it’s a normal thing to share drinks with any of your friends and not considering that as an “indirect kiss”. It’s ironic to hear this, coming from a teenager who is very interested in romance and such, you would expect me to be panicking inside about a small situation. But because I’m so used to doing the same thing with my closer friends, regardless of gender, all the time, it really doesn’t seem to have much of an effect on me. I think it’s also because I don’t really perceive it as the same as actually kissing another person, the thought of that almost sounds ridiculous and makes me sound like I’m really desperate to want to have my first kiss.

Maybe if it were to be someone I barely know and/or someone I really had a crush on, I would have a different reaction but I think it’s safe to say that indirect kisses aren’t something, at least I don’t fret too much about.

Okay now I feel like I’m speaking nonsense right now, but I would really like to get your input on this weird and random topic. Do you believe in the “indirect kiss” thing? Is sharing drinks with friends who you’re not as close to as other people or just friends in general something you’re fine with? What do indirect kisses mean specifically to you?


I’m a little excited to hear your responses for my inquiries lol

P.S. if you’re not watching Tada-kun wa Koi wo Shinai, I would definitely suggest giving it a try 🙂


Thanks for reading!! 😀


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8 replies on “Indirect Kisses: Do They Really Mean Anything?

  1. I’m sorry but I don’t think that if something is touched by one person’s lips then another then it is not an indirect kiss. That is just contaminating something with two people’s germs. And when the second person touches it with their lips after it has been on yours, it means that they are giving themselves your germs. They may see this as an indirect kiss, but I don’t. Personally, that is my opinion; I don’t really believe in love….

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  2. I never even heard of “indirect kisses” until I started regularly watching anime (in my 50’s)… That may be because drinking pre-packaged drinks wasn’t such a big thing when I was a kid.

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  3. An indirect kiss means everything! Especially if you take a bite out of a spoonfull of delicious crunchberries, and then your crush takes a bite using the same spoon! Everyone knows and indirect crunchy kiss means love!!!


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