So I got nominated to do this really fun-looking thing, big thank you to Jenn from Welcome to Hell Zone!, and you can see the really nice choices for her respective harem by clicking here! Also want to thank Cactus Matt from Anime QandA for creatng this fun segment, I feel like I’ve been waiting for something like this to spread around for a long time so I appreciate this blog post idea!!


The ‘Build A Harem’ Tag Rules:

  1. Link back to the original post on Anime QandA so they can check out everyone’s picks!
  2. Use the ‘Build A Harem’ logo somewhere in the post.
  3. Make sure to mention the person who nominated you too!
  4. Pick 5 Anime Characters (any show & any gender) that would be in your ideal harem if you were the main character of a harem anime, explain a little bit as to why they are your picks (if you want).
  5. Make sure each character you pick falls into some of the following harem character types: Childhood friend, tom boy/girl, genki girl/boy, loli/shota, trap, tsundere, yandere, kuudere, dandere, etc. (If there’s a character you’ve picked that doesn’t specifically fall into one of these types or falls into multiple types that’s fine too!)
  6. Nominate 5 people to participate in this tag!

I have a good feeling this will be a pretty difficult list to compile since there are so many characters I can list based off the archetypes Matt has told me to choose but let’s just cut to the chase and begin!

The Childhood Friend/Tomboy – Tanamachi Kaoru (Amagami SS)


Not even gonna hesitate with this choice.

I think y’all already know my bias for this wonderful woman but I genuinely think that Kaoru is a great harem choice for “childhood friend” (given that she was friends with Junichi in middle school). She acts like more of a tomboy/bro around you and the fact that she has the ability to kick your ass, I feel like Kaoru is more interesting than your average and more feminine-like childhood friend romance interest.

The Loli – Takagi-san (Karakai Jouzu no Takagi-san)


I don’t know how I feel about myself after I asked, “does Takagi-san count as a loli?”, in my head.

I know endless amounts of teasing can sound like a living hell, it does, but I am basically already bombarded by teasing from my close friends (for fun, of course) so I feel like I can endure the pain from Takagi-san. You also gotta give her some credit for how easy she could look through Nishikata.

The Dandere – Akiyama Mio (K-On!)


There are a ton of danderes that I like but out of all of them, I would have to pick this wonderful lady.

I think one of the main things about Mio that I really like is that she is music fanatic and even knows how to play an instrument I have a lot of interest in learning how to play, the bass. That being said, I can imagine the endless amounts of music we would suggest to each other and also the possible encouragement she would give me to devote more time into getting better at playing the guitar. Maybe I can become as good as her bandmates if I were friends with Mio…

The Genki Girl – Kagamihara Nadeshiko (Yuru Camp△)


As a person with energetic and goofy-ass friends, I feel like Nadeshiko would be similar to who I’m already comfortable being around and absolutely an entertaining significant other to have. Actually, with me having a more of a mature and chillax personality, I feel like I would be the Rin to her… well, Nadeshiko. But if we’re gonna follow the camping setting of the show, it would be interesting and fun to see us both be newbie campers and learn the ropes.

The Idol – Miura Azusa (THE IDOLM@STER)


Can you imagine being a female idol’s boyfriend? You would get death threats left and right!

I felt like I was obligated to include an idol in my harem since, you know, I talk about them a little on my blog. But as I surveyed all the idol anime characters I’ve seen in order to pick my choice for this one, surprisingly I’m not picking someone from my beloved Love Live! series.

Instead, Azusa from the original IDOLM@STER anime in 2011, seems like a really nice person to be around. Has a carefree and easygoing personality, a beautiful singing voice, the belief that she can find the perfect partner in life; she would be splendid to have by your side. And hey, if she needs help with directions to go somewhere, I’ll be a real gentleman and help a lady out.

The Bro – Tomoda (Gekkan Shoujo Nozaki-kun)

maxresdefault (1).jpg

(This choice is a bonus, fun one I wanted to add in)

In order to understand this choice, I suggest you should watch this clip from the very entertaining romance comedy, Gekkan Shoujo Nozaki-kun.

A person who would be by your side at all times, the willingness to help you out in any situation, and gives you all the confidence you need to succeed in everything. Who in their right mind would wanna pass up on someone like that?

Tomoda seems like the perfect person in the entire universe but… too bad, as the protagonist of this harem, I’ll be too damn clueless to realize my true feelings for him.

So yeah. That’s my very interesting harem.

I’m not much into the tagging part of these, mostly because whoever I wanna tag has done it/been tagged already but here’s a few that comes to mind:

Sorry if you’ve been tagged before but if you do decide to do this fun tag, I can’t wait to see your choices!

And I think that’s all I want to say. Until the next post~


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