Hi there, we continue our journey into giving some reasons why each and every lady in the Love Live! original group, μ’s, could be considered best girl by many! If you missed the last installment of this segment where I talked about Ayase Eli, click here to check it out!

This time around, we’re focusing on a second year and actually was originally a top tier member for me. I also got a little bit of help with these reasons from people on my Instagram page (you can check it out @shukadaily) so thank you to those who gave me some insight on why this idol is loved so much!

That being said, let’s get into the five reasons why Minami Kotori is best girl!

**Just a warning, I will be talking about spoilers both big and small, but I will try my best to not go too in-depth with them. You’ve been warned 🙂

5. She already has a good amount of idol experience.

As we saw in episode nine of season one, we found out that Kotori actually works at a maid cafe in the ever-so-popular area of Japan, Akibahara. Actually… she doesn’t just work there. She’s considered a legend!


Nicknamed the “Legendary Maid Minalinsky” of Akibahara, it’s impressive that Kotori can juggle an occupation like this, alongside her studies and the school idol activities. Also, I’d like to think that with being a maid in an Akibahara cafe, you would suspect that she already knows what being an idol is like with the popularity, performances and fans I’d assume she has experienced.

Also can we appreciate that one scene when she tried to avoid the rest of the group while in her maid outfit:

4. She’s the definition of “cute” and “soft”.


Her personality, behavior, looks. I mean really, how can you not look at Kotori and think of cuteness and softness.

3. She’s the main outfit designer and even has a passion for fashion.

Having/wearing appealing outfits is one of the most important things when being a part of the idol phenomenon. That being said, I think μ’s is in good hands when Kotori is a part of their group.


From her first designs for the second years’ first performance of “START:DASH!!” to the stunning and beautiful outfits of “Bokutachi wa Hitotsu no Hikari”, Kotori is an ace at outfit design. There’s actually a good amount of outfits that I really like out of all of them, some being featured in songs like “Yume no Tobira”, “Korekara no Someday”, and “Angelic Angel”.

(hopefully the live performance will suffice to show you the outfits lol)

But not only that, you can appreciate her passion for fashion design. It’s very apparent that she’s pretty damn good at it since she was offered an opportunity to go to fashion school overseas.

2. She’s a very supportive and caring friend.

Obviously you can say this for pretty much everyone in μ’s but I think the amount of dedication and support she has for her peers such as Umi or especially Honoka is pretty significant. In the beginning of the anime and even throughout, we got to see her tagging along and being very much involved with Honoka’s passions and goals of being a school idol. It even got to a point where she had to make an important decision on if she still wants to make Honoka’s dream come true.


1. She has a very distinct (and cute) voice.

When you think of Minami Kotori, the first thing that comes to mind has to be her high-pitched, insanely adorable voice, right?

Regarding her singing, it’s actually pretty fun to listen to. You have to give props to Uchida Aya for maintaining this kind of voice when singing and even dancing on stage at live concerts.

So that’s my reasons for why Kotori can be best girl. Hope this was at least fairly agreeable and definitely let me know what other reasons you have for Kotori!

Also if you have a specific μ’s member you want me to focus on next, leave it in the comments below!

Thanks for reading!! 😀


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