I know already kind of talked about this on Twitter but I just want to make this quick post to tell you that I’m planning to go on with the idea of doing a podcast/radio show hybrid and I’ll be recording it tomorrow!

If you missed the post a few weeks ago, basically I wanted to run an idea by you guys of doing said idea where I do a podcast with me discussing different anime related things, while incorporating more Japanese music in order to showcase the taste in music of myself and also yourselves! It’ll be similar to what I did about 6 months ago with the “chatterpasta podcast” thing I did but some tweaks here and there.


By the way, thanks a bunch to those who gave me some comments and feedback about this idea, you definitely increased my interest and willingness to do this lol

That being said, I’d love to have you be involved by suggesting me some J-music for me to play during this podcast/radio show thing. It can be anything from anime openings/endings/insert songs, rock music, idol songs, you name it. I would just prefer the song suggestions to be created by a Japanese artist. I’ll also be sharing some of songs from my library, which I am excited to play for you lovely people. 🙂

And while I’m not the best at reviewing music, I’ll do my best to talk about some of them and share my thoughts on what I think about the songs you have suggested to me (and the ones I picked out). I’m pretty open to listening and even being introduced to new kinds of music, so this will definitely be a fun experience for myself.

So yeah. This new idea will be interesting to execute but I’m definitely excited to do it! If you have a song suggestion, feel free to leave a link (most preferably from video-based websites like YouTube or Vimeo) in the comments!


Thanks for reading! 😀


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A 22-year-old guy who likes to discuss anime, watch baseball and is currently stuck in idol hell.

3 replies on “Podcast Update (+ Song Requests!)

  1. I totally missed your previous post + tweets and went to read it first.
    I have recently been on a roll with doujin songs created by circles for the touhou series.
    I linked a couple of samples if you don’t mind~

    ^ Rosarium by Yonder Voice circle

    ^ Flower Flag by FELT circle

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