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It’s an exciting time for me right now since today is the day I finally present to you my newest creation, chatterpasta radio (name still in the works)! This is my podcast/radio show hybrid where I talk about anime related topics such as news or interesting discussion points while also showcasing different songs from Japanese artists that I and some people requested.

It definitely has been a while since I did a podcast so bare with me for this episode, as I’m getting the hang of things again. Plus, I never thought the episode length would exceed a whopping two whole hours (around 40-50 minutes worth of music, rest is me talking) but I hope you’ll still be somewhat entertained by some of or even the whole podcast! Perhaps the weekend break will make listening to this long episode somewhat easier for people lol

That being said, please enjoy the first episode of chatterpasta radio! Also thanks to Anchor.fm for being free and pretty leniant with music policy (well… we’ll see if I get copyright warnings soon lol).


EDIT (7/23/18) – You can now listen to the podcast on Spotify! Click here to be directed to the Spotify player 🙂

(WordPress embed code apparently doesn’t want the podcast to be shown on this post so I think the only choice is to click the link, I apologize)

List of Songs Featured

  • “Anatato Watashino Aidagara” by SHISHAMO (Album: SHISHAMO 5)
  • “Sunny” by Ohashi Trio (Album: PRETAPORTER)
  • “Flower Flag” by 舞花 | Requested by tetrax4berium
  • “Slow Motion Love” by PERO
  • “Fukyouwaori” by Keyakizaka46 | Requested by Leap250
  • “Cheers” by ClariS (Cells at Work ED)
  • “Koi” by Hoshino Gen (Single: Koi)
  • “Secret Code” by BRADIO (Album: POWER OF LOVE)
  • “All For You” by azusa (Single: check my soul)
  • “Lady Blues” by LUCKY TAPES (Album: CIGARETTE & ALCOHOL)
  • “Rosarium” by Yonder Voice | Requested by tetrax4berium
  • “Inoni” by sumika (Single: Fiction e.p)

News Articles

Fireworks Shaft movie makes $522,000 in US (Anime News Network)

KonoSuba movie announced (ANN)

I Want to Eat Your Pancreas coming overseas (ANN)

Love Live Sunshine movie announced (Crunchyroll)

Next Shin Evangelion Film’s Teaser Reveals 2020 Opening Date (ANN)

Editor’s Notes

  • sorry about the coughing towards the beginning, REAL unprofessional of me
  • Kaoru headphones commission (in featured image) by rubell

Thanks for listening!!! 😀


Posted by:alfredopasta

A 22-year-old guy who likes to discuss anime, watch baseball and is currently stuck in idol hell.

7 replies on “chatterpasta radio vol. 1

  1. I work weekends at an office where I’m pretty much alone so suffice it to say I was glad to have this lenghthy radio show/podcast earlier 😀 (wish anchor.fm had a seekbar though so I can better backtrack on some of the topics that I wanted to note, lol)
    ~ One thing to look forward to and appreciate about “Fireworks” is the theme song they used for it, “Uchiage Hanabi (sky rockets/fireworks)” by DAOKO and Yonezu Kenshi (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-tKVN2mAKRI)
    ~ I’ve read the novel for “I want to eat your pancreas” and, while I can’t really guarantee that the movie adaptation is gonna be good (since I’d say it’s a hard one to adapt based on the literary tricks that it uses), there *is* a pretty good story at its core. I’d make the comparison more towards Your Lie in April rather than One Week Friends.
    ~ Eyyy thanks for the shoutout, Haha! Fun fact for ya, “fukyouwaon” actually means “discord” /what they chant it at the end of the song.
    ~ I’m not sure if you’ll believe me here (xD), but there’s a theory about how fans “ship” their favorite idols/seiyuus with their co-stars of the same gender (which is the most prominent form of shipping) as a way to maintain the actors’/actresses’ “purity” — it’s like a safety net way of thinking like where the fan can rest assured like ‘at least she’s not interested/in love with a man/woman’.

    Liked by 2 people

    1. The live action for “I want to eat your pancreas” was pretty decent at least I would have to say. As for the anime movie, hopefully it manages to live up to the feels that the source provides. Pretty interesting, that the anime movie is made later than the live action one this time. 🙂

      Liked by 2 people

      1. One thing I’d note about the live action movie adaptation is that they kinda changed the story-telling a bit (not to give much away, but the novel didn’t have the scenes as flashbacks from present day) so I’m curious which direction the anime is gonna take. And yeah, true, it’s rare that something gets a live action adapt first before an anime (but that’s actually my hope for some shows currently, haha!)

        Liked by 1 person

    2. I’m happy that I could entertain you for a couple of hours haha and yeah, I think no playback is one of the big flaws about anchor.fm (other than not being able to embed the dang thing on my post) but it’s definitely better than Soundcloud where they’ll probably take down the podcast in a heartbeat due to the music lol

      – I did listen to the theme song to Fireworks since my friend I mentioned in the podcast showed it to me. It’s a really nice track! The beginning of the chorus for some reason got stuck in my head at one point 😛
      – Mmm, I see. Just from the synopsis and the PVs I’ve seen, it definitely looks like it’ll be an interesting film to experience. Maybe I’ll take a look at the novel as well
      – No probs man lol
      – Actually I’d believe that theory after learning about idols/seiyuu and the whole “relationships are forbidden” thing with fans. It sounds a lot more reasonable than how other fans deal with that kind of situation regarding their favorite idols. I was worried that what I was saying about that topic didn’t make much sense but seems like I got the point across lol

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  2. Great podcast Alfredo! It sounds totally professional!
    The Cells at Work ED gives off such a AE3803 feeling in a friendly and goofy way, oh and “Koi” somehow made me think about Wotakoi’s OP. Maybe its the voice, haha. Also you should totally catch up on Sora yori mo Tooi Basho!
    Hope my requests are okay and flowed >.< They sound totally different from the rest.
    You can just call me tetrax (tear-trax) 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

    1. I’m really glad you enjoyed it!

      ClariS, the group that made the Cells at Work ED, definitely makes some upbeat and cheerful music so david production’s choice of the ending theme was superb. Now that you mention it, those two artists do sound pretty similar, yeah 😛 I’ve only kinda scratched the surface when listening to Hoshino Gen (the guy who made “Koi”) but he’s really enjoyable as a J-music artist.

      Ah don’t worry, your choices were really nice! I think I was just in a hurry and didn’t think through when placing them in the lineup. But, I definitely enjoyed those two songs lol

      Thank you thank you for correcting me on your name, I appreciate it haha!

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