Hi there, and I don’t exactly have a set list of topics I’ll be talking about in this post but I hope whatever is in this post makes sense lol

About a year or so ago, I had to delete my old blog for personal reasons but after everything patched up for me, I was ready to come back and keep doing the thing I started to absolutely love doing for the past year: blog about anime/otaku topics. I restarted the Slice of Alfredo blog on February 10th, 2018, purposely on my birthday, since I thought it would be special to restart on a date I am definitely familiar with… plus it’s convenient to celebrate multiple things on one day πŸ˜› I’m surprised I didn’t actually go in more detail about the past year in the 2018 reflection post I wrote earlier, but I guess this is a great opportunity to do so.


Despite being very inconsistent throughout the year and having multiple cases of “writer’s block”, I honestly believe 2018 was one of the best years I’ve experienced as an anime/J-culture blogger, and for a ton of reasons. I was able to discuss and dive deeper into certain topics that were derived from anime such as music and the voice actor culture, and pretty much helped me develop the kind of content I enjoy following and talking about consistently on the blog and social media.

I definitely was a music enthusiast before becoming more interested in Japanese artists but being able to discover brand new and eye-opening music from a great variety of musicians and bands from Japan was such a unique experience that I loved doing throughout 2018. Although being a big fan of music in general, I wasn’t one to really discuss about it so being able to write these music-related posts taught me how to actually talk about different artists and songs I love and find frequently… in a decent way. I think I’m at least okay at discussing music, given my roundups and couple album reviews lol

*if there’s one thing I want to write about this year, it would be a review on Ohashi Trio’s album “White”, for sure

Oh, and voice actors and actresses in the anime industry. Woooo, I can’t exactly tell you how much time I, let’s just say, dedicated on watching seiyuu videos or looking at pictures of voice actresses in the past year. Hell, it ended up making me create two Instagram accounts where I post seiyuu pictures very often (@shukadaily and @seiyuuspotlight). But looking beyond that, I have to say that learning more about many different seiyuu, both male and female, became one of the more important factors with watching and even liking an anime. The amount of talent we see throughout the anime industry is just insanely good and I definitely believe more people should know about it (and that’s why I do the Seiyuu Spotlight segment). In addition, something about their personalities away from the recording studios and them portraying their characters just makes them more lovable to watch, as we see here with the wonderful Uesaka Sumire:

And I think this was definitely one of, if not, the biggest highlight of my 2018, which was being able to write on another blog. I never thought I would become a writer on a blog other than my personal one but after contemplating for a while and going with my gut-feeling, I did go on and join nesha and #moe404 back in March. One of my biggest flaws is that I doubt myself a lot, maybe too much. I never thought reviewing and diving deeper into a story was a thing I could do well, mainly because of not doing it so well on past school papers and such. But as I started writing for #moe404, discussing all the anime I’ve watched in the past and loved so much like Tsuki ga Kirei, K-On, The World God Only Knows, Sore ga Seiyuu, I was definitely motivated and more confident in writing reviews since anime was something I was very much interested in and could talk about endlessly. I mean, when I looked back at my first review on #moe404, I was honestly surprised how well-written it was πŸ˜› But for real, I have to thank nesha for giving me that opportunity to write on their blog and helping me become a better writer in general. Now I just have to be more consistent… (i really do apologize for not writing anything since December)

Last thing I wanted to talk about is you guys. I’ve met a ton of cool and interesting people throughout 2018 and I’m just really happy that happened last year. Being surrounded by people who enjoy the same things as me and having intriguing conversations with them is something I didn’t really experience outside of this community (until more recently) but I appreciate all of you who I’ve met, spoken to, read posts from, followed on Twitter, etc. I’ve said this many times before but all of you are the main reason why I enjoy blogging and still have a huge interest in writing about what I write about, and I just can’t thank you all enough.


Anyways, as I don’t want to get too sentimental here, it’s also my birthday today! I’m not too expressive about this day but yeah, I am now 18-years-old. Even though I’m considered an adult now and have more “freedom” as a person, I don’t feel at all any different lol. But it still is pretty crazy to think about, I still remember when I got my first computer and started getting into social media at an… unbelievably young age. I was just a kid making dumb Club Penguin/gaming videos on YouTube, now fast forward 8 or so years later and I’m discussing anime on a blog. Time definitely flies…

I already knew that Matsuura Kanan from theΒ Love Live! Sunshine!! series shared the same birthday as me, but I was curious of other anime characters who were born on the 10th. Apparently (thanks to this helpful site) Usaida fromΒ Gakuen Babysitters and Mikasa Ackerman ofΒ Attack on Titan fame were born on the same day as me. Interesting lol


Well, I guess the actual last thing I want to say is that I will be working on a few posts that’ll be coming out in the next few days or so, so please stay tuned! In the meantime, you all should really listen to Ogura Yui’s new song, “Apple Girl / をップル・ガール”:

Thanks for reading!! πŸ˜€


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A 21-year-old guy who likes to discuss anime, watch baseball and is currently stuck in idol hell.

10 replies on “A Little Blog Anniversary/Birthday Post

  1. Happy birthday Al, and congrats on the blog-aversary!! I can’t believe that its only been a year since this version of your blog came into being. It sure feels like I’ve known you for much longer, haha. I’ve always really enjoyed reading your posts and not only because our interests seem to overlap quite a bit. πŸ˜‰

    Keep up the great work this year and I hope you have an awesome birthday!

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    1. Thank you, it means a lot coming from a fellow seiyuu/idol fan! πŸ˜€ Glad I was able to interest you with my write-ups. Hope we can talk more and maybe collaborate on something together in the new year (although I don’t want to get too ahead of myself lol)

      Liked by 1 person

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