Hello and it’s been a while, hasn’t it?

Recently, I got the urge to do another episode of my “nearly-dead” podcast/radio show-hybrid, chatterpasta radio. Basically, I talk about different otaku/Japanese culture-related topics while I play some cool songs (which some are requested by people on Twitter) to make it seem like it’s a radio show of some sort. I had a ton of fun doing this particular podcast, discussing some nice topics such as anime-related news, the Winter and Spring anime seasons, and one incident involving an idol that spread worldwide. So please, if you’re any way interested in listening to me and some music for almost two hours, feel free to listen to it 😀

Also, chatterpasta radio is now available on Spotify!! I never really thought I would post anything on a streaming site like Spotify but now I do (lol). This is actually a great thing; I believe it’s much easier for people to listen to the podcast since playback/scrubbing is available and all you need is to sign up for a free Spotify account (I swear I’m not getting paid to say this, I use Apple Music :P).

podcast widget thing

List of Songs Featured (in order)

  • “Perspective of a Toy Poodle” by Oomori Toshiyuki (OST: Amagami SS)
  • “Loop” by SIRUP (EP: SIRUP EP 2)
  • “Shunrai / 春雷” by Yonezu Kenshi (Album: BOOTLEG)
  • “We’re Still Underground / 僕らまだアンダーグラウンド” by Eve (Album: Otogi) | Requested by Leap250
  • “Midori / ミドリ” by Polkadot Stingray (EP: Dai-Seigi)
  • “Shoo-Bee-Doo-Wap-Wap!” by Minase Inori (Album: BLUE COMPASS)
  • “Akogare Collection! / アコガレCollection!” by Ogura Yui (Album: Cherry Passport)
  • “Let me hear” by Hayami Saori (Album: JUNCTION)
  • “parade” by Official HIGE DANdism (Mini-Album: Love to Peace ha Kimi no Naka)
  • “Yoru no Sanpo / 夜の散歩” by Yamazaki Aoi (Album: FLAT) | Requested by Carriage
  • “NIGHT TOWN” by FRIENDS (EP: Puchi Town)
  • “Hachimitsu Doki / ハチミツ時間” by Kayano Ai (Servant x Service ED)


SHISHAMO Best album song list (Generasia)

5 Things to Know About Perfume, the First J-Pop Girl Group to Perform at Coachella (Billboard)

Yamaguchi Maho reddit post (r/Defranco)

Why a pop idol’s stand against her assault sparked outrage in Japan (CNN)

Yamaguchi Maho discussion on r/AKB48

Editor’s Notes

  • Kaoru headphones commission (in featured image) by rubell

Thanks for listening!! 😀


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2 replies on “chatterpasta radio vol. 2

  1. Oh for sure we’re good friends!
    (…..I mean, right? loljk xD)

    ~ I wanna say I saw Rise (from PhoenixTalksPopCultureJapan) talk about SIRUP in one of her posts. Could be wrong, but maybe that’s where you heard it/him from too HAHA! I also really dug you putting a Yonezu Kenshi song right after too. Amusingly enough though, I feel like I’ve listened to more covers of Yonezu Kenshi songs than I have actual songs from him, lol

    ~ Very much hyped for Oregairu S3 (found out about it from a news leak some time before AnimeJapan I think). Didn’t know that AoButa (Bunny Girl) was gonna have a movie though so thanks for the heads up on that one. I feel like news about Symphogear S5 had been around for a good while now, but I guess they just announced when exactly they were gonna air it? Either way I have some catching up to do for that one (still a season behind on that /I’ll throw in a recommendation for Symphogear if only for the songs, lol) Yuru Camp thoooooooooo-

    ~ SOOO happy that Nettaiya made the ‘Best Of’ Album 🙂

    ~ Ooooooooooh Perfume at San Jose!!! *checks* oh, it’s gonna be on the 17th, lol, I think technically I could go but BART can get pretty sketch around those parts (especially this late too) so that’s a rough go (xD). Coachella appearance is actually insane though — especially considering Coachella is mostly an open air affair and Perfume performances are very production and visual heavy. I hope crowd treats them right (I know it can get pretty wild there so :/).

    ~ Ayyyy thanks for the shout out (xD) I’m very glad you think that way about my little project (as the goal is always first and foremost to recommend songs that people will like) and likewise thanks for always tuning in 😀 Interesting thing about ‘Bokura wa Mada Underground’ that I found out after the fact is that there’s waaaaaay more depth to it (…pun not intended, lol) than meets the eye. Here’s an interesting read on the subject from one of the vid comments (it’s the “highlighted comment”) (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nBteO-bU78Y&lc=UgwvtUZYot1O1BrU74h4AaABAg)
    And yeah, thanks for the Midori/PDSR follow-up, very much appreciated :p

    ~ Your whole aside on The Quintessential Quintuplets made me laugh (xD) but I do get watching a show because of the seiyuu involved yep. Spring 2019 has way too many shows I want to watch I can’t :(((

    ~ The duality of seiyuu-idol/singers is very interesting (to me at least) as the expectation for them with regard to their performance will always be weighed against their being seiyuu or their being an idol. That is to say, there will always be a distinction that comes with their singing, given that their craft deals primarily in vocal work (like ‘she sings well *for a seiyuu*’ or ‘her singing voice is *similar/different to her chara/speaking voice*’) and again, this goes to anything seiyuus/idols choose to have activities in as well, like live action acting and even modelling, lol

    ~ OgiYuka and Shukashuus friendship is pretty amazing when you consider how both similar and different the paths they took are (with the former going the “true” idol route and the latter choosing instead to go 2.5D), and yet they’re able to converge every now and again — and even collaborate, in the idol world. Definitely an overlooked rarity in this industry I would think.

    ~ The “Mahohon Incident” once again brings to light a bit of the “darkness” that we all know exists in the idol industry but actively choose to ignore (well, not really ignore, but accept as just part of that culture most of the time).

    A couple of things though; first, and probably my own takeaway from the whole thing — IF (like, big if) this assault was orchestrated in some way by her fellow members, what people might be overlooking a bit here is that the motivation behind doing so (other than a personal vendeta) can only be to try to hurt Mahohon’s image. Now, imagine the thought process that goes into that, and then think back to how young these girls tend to enter this industry. It is very possible that a lot of them are very much desensitized into thinking that the idol persona isn’t and should not be looked at as a person, and that doing anything to that persona (as opposed to the person behind it) is largely inconsequential. Of course we know that that’s not the case, and that the persona and the person are one and the same, but it *is* worrying to think about.

    Second, and I can only really touch on this on the surface level, is Mahohon’s public apology. Now, I won’t really claim to know the whole “suck it up” mentality that the Japanese psyche apparently has, but I would like to point out I guess the other side to her apology. From a purely idol-fan-relationship standpoint, the apology goes to having had the fans worry over soemthing involving the idol. You see this a lot when an idol gets sick, or commits a blunder at a live show. It’s mostly a common practice to put the fans at ease, which goes to how the idols (at least at face value) put the fans first above everything else, as is the transactionary nature of idol fandom. Under normal circumstances, this wouldn’t catch the eye of the people acting out now (as, again, this is common practice), but the act of apologizing only struck a chord *now* because of the severity of the events that led up to it. It’s not in any way a good practice (I actually don’t like it at all when idols get sick and apologize after the fact), but it *is* customary, which I would think is one of the more pressing issues here. Sadly one that can’t really be fixed I don’t think.

    ~ And lastly (because this is like the longest comment ever now, lol) I still hold out hope that we can do that Idol + Relationships posts at some point (xD)

    All in all, great episode, and great songs Al!
    (lol here’s Groovy groove covering that Eve song btw https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=FudP3ny477U)

    Liked by 1 person

    1. I don’t know why I said “I think” but glad I could get some clarification anyways 😛

      – Ah yeah thank you, Rise was the one who got me into SIRUP. As I commented on her post, I believe the first SIRUP thing I’ve heard from him was a collab song with SHE IS SUMMER (which on paper sounds like an incredible duo lol) but I hope he releases some more tracks soon! And same here, I never really noticed how great of an artist Yonezu Kenshi truly is until actually listening to his songs instead of covers (like Groovy groove’s).

      – My brother has sort of shown me a few snippets of Symphogear, and it definitely looks like a fun show with the singing/fighting combination they’re working with. All I really know about it though is that a ton of really nice seiyuu/artists are in it such as Mizuki Nana, Yuuki Aoi, Takagaki Ayahi, etc. 😛

      – You know one thing I just noticed about the SHISHAMO Best album is that they unfortunately (and shockingly) didn’t include my favorite SHISHAMO song, “Nakaniwa no Shoujotachi” 😦 But it’s all good haha

      (also the group just dropped a MV for their brand new song, that will also be featured on the Best album, and I think you’ll really enjoy this one

      – I might be going crazy but I swear I thought the BART station in SJ was already open, but I guess it’s still under construction (lol). And totally, I can imagine what can go down during late night BART rides. But yeah, it’ll be interesting to see how Perfume performs in the desert and what a mostly American audience thinks about them.

      – No problem! I really do enjoy coming by and seeing your suggestions every month 😀 And wow, that comment on the Eve song was such a great write-up. I had no idea Eve was trying to convey a message in a specific way, especially in a culture that has obviously gone through a lot relating to that subject matter.

      – Ah yeah, after I listened to my spiel about the Quintets again, that was definitely a trip trying to follow what I was talking about lol. While I do sometimes enjoy seeing Futaro deal with these five… unique sisters, there’s not much else to enjoy about it, in my opinion. I mean, when I believe Futaro’s sister is the most enjoyable character out of all of them, I think that’s saying something (although I may be in the minority with my opinion). This also pretty much changed into a seiyuu harem in my mind, imagining which VA would end up being Matsuoka’s gal… even though I just jumped onto the “Matsuoka and Kayano Ai should just get married already” bandwagon haha

      – I definitely had those kinds of thoughts with certain seiyuu such as Shuka since I never really was one to expect her, a pretty childish and goofy kind of person, to go on and do gravure modeling in swimsuits and such. Not trying to sound like a “protective” Shuka fan or anything like that, it just kinda surprised me lol. But yeah, that distinction you mention is something that I really find to be enjoyable, as both a seiyuu and idol/music fan.

      – I didn’t exactly know who Ogino Yuka was before and when I first saw that BLT photoshoot with both of them from May 2018, I was like “who is this person with Shuka??” lol. And let me painfully admit that a tiny bit of jealousy was going on through my mind since I was sooooo used to seeing Anchan and Shuka be close friends haha. But nowadays, OgiYuka seems to be a pretty cool person and a great friend of Shuka’s!

      – Strangely enough, I actually find this “darkness” within the idol industry to be an interesting thing to learn about… not sounding like a masochist or anything 😛 But yeah, you definitely make some good points there. I would assume that a good handful of idol groups have some level of competition between members, and I guess it can go towards more negative directions like with Maho’s situation (if it’s all true, of course).

      Mm, I see. And I would imagine it being a lose-lose situation here since even though Maho could’ve chosen to not say any apology or follow-up to a pretty private matter like a criminal case, it still would make the fans uneasy and very much concerned, which could lead to who-knows-what.

      Ayyy, thanks a bunch for listening! I’m glad I could entertain you for two hours and totally, just hit me up (or I can) whenever you want to do that collab post 😀

      (and ooooooooh Groovy groove killed that cover lol)

      Liked by 1 person

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