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One thought on “Infrequent J-Song Roundup #19 – Favorites of 2021

  1. A fine end of the year roundup, if I do say so myself 🙂

    I’m reminded once more of just how insanely catchy Pinky Hook is… as I loop it three more times as I type this comment, Haha!

    That’s interesting to know about Run Girls, Run! though. I came across them through a YouTube recommendation some time ago and I do remember liking what I heard (it was “Share the light” specifically iirc), and that’s also the time when I belatedly came to the realization that they were the ones that sang the OP for Assassin’s Pride. But yeah, wouldn’t have known otherwise that they were also another seiyuu performer/idol seiyuu group

    Ayy, thanks for the shout re: One Last Kiss (XD)

    I remember the first time I came across Wanuka’s Tipsy and I was like ‘this is sooo chill’….. and the I started paying more attention to the lyrics and I thought ‘wow… this song is pretty racey’ (LOL). VERY fun track though for sure, and I sorta wish Wanuka made tracks more often. I really like his take on wagakki and how he incorporates them to a more modern sound.

    I gotta remind myself to listen to more Genie High, but I do remember hearing this song in particular by them (you might’ve been the one who clued me in on it too) and you’re definitely right. I think apart from the vocal line at the start of the chorus, everything else is atypical of the otherwise “typical” Kawatani Enon sound. As you mention a lot of it is definitely in the intrumentation, where we’re more so used to Kawatani’s fingerstyle and synth, but I think a lot of it too is the vocal work. He has a real knack for finding voices that contrast Ikkyu’s well (the song they made with Aina The End is still a banger to this day) and is really just a testament for how good his music sense is.

    I love that they went with a more predominant Chinese Electro/Pop for MONSTER GIRLS (a la Queendom). I don’t know, something about that style just… works for Japanese Idol (XD). We all know Moepi can pop off based on what we’ve heard from her in Aoi Canaria, and Mia’s Toy Doll all but captured the heart of English-speaking fans the world over, but ngl Homin’s vocals might be my favorite among the three. I don’t know how to describe it other than it has a very… brass instrument sort of quality to it in how it rings (if that makes sense), which I find very pleasing to listen to because of how unique it ends up being. Definitely look forward to hearing more songs by her, them three, and Niji as a whole.

    Glad you ended up liking SCANDAL’s CUTE! as much as you did. 😀

    Didn’t expect to see fhana end up here but I’m very happy that they did. Tbh I fell off following their releases after a certain point, but this reminds me to go and check out their discography, so looking forward to doing just that come next year, lol

    It is but a cruel irony that Kanda Sayaka leaves this world so soon after her portrayal of Nagase Mana, knowing the narrative behind that character and what becomes of her fate in Idoly Pride. I may now have been a fan of hers for as long as a lot of others, but she made a fan out of me all the same because of her work in AiPura. First Step and Song For You will remain in my memory as songs to remember her by, and I’m thankful to have had the pleasure of having come to know of her before her untimely passing.

    Again, solid end-of-the-year roundup, and looking forward to what’s in store for the coming year, Haha!


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