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TriviAqours Vol. 3 – Takatsuki Kanako

Hello, and welcome back to TriviAqours, the fun segment I’m doing with my buddy Leap250 where we essentially give fun and interesting facts about each and every seiyuu in the school idol group, Aqours, featured in the Love Live! Sunshine!! series! Last time, Leap and I both talked about our favorite seiyuu, Saitou Shuka and Aida Rikako ...

TriviAqours Vol. 1 – Saitou Shuka

Hi there! I know I’m already in the middle of doing something Love Live related all month this July, but I decided to go ahead and do this other little project/collaboration. It’s gonna be a busy month lol I think most of you know my past collaborations with my good friend/aniblogger Leap250, with the start […]